Digital Pill

It’s a tradition, every new year, I setup new goals. In 2016, I want to become a better artist.

It is always fascinating to learn new things and see your progressions throught the months. So far, I always enjoy to try new softwares, new medium, experimenting various skillsets, sometimes, at the opposite of my main domain. This year, I want to continue to do that, but while being more focus on some specific goals, growing in my mind since a few months now. Starting to share my work, meeting other artists with the same mindset,  learning from them and become a better communicator in general is my starting point for this year.

I create this blog, to keep tract on my explorations and progressions. I will post here, my artworks, some reviews and various thoughts about the VFX industrie, the CG community and my art journey.

2016 seems to be a very exiting year!

Happy new year!

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