Creating an IP – 000

A few months ago, I decide to invest most of my spare time into the creation of my own content, aka IP (intellecrual property). 

This bring a lot of questions in my mind. Where to start? What is my universe? What is the story I want to tell ? How do you build a story? What’s make a character compelling? What make a good story?

I am a visual artist. I know how to make beautiful pictures for movies, I know how to draw, but I am totally clueless about storytelling and writing. All I know is that, most of the blockbusters coming from hollywood, nowadays, fail to bring interresting stories to the audience. I personnaly have a hard time to memorize the name of the characters of most of the recent movies I watch. In contrary, when I watch a Pixar movie, they always succeed to touch a part of me. I remember Woody, Buzz, Nemo, Eve, … So this is my point of start. Analysing what Pixar do and apply their « secrets » to my own story.

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