Book Review : STAR WARS The Force Awakens – Incredible cross-sections


Star wars being one of the most popular and lucrative licence worldwide, it is no surprise that we see release of quantity of new goodies and artbooks for each episodes.
Despite the fact I was disappointed by the movie, The Force Awakens brought a lot of visual qualities, thanks to the concept artists and the VFX forces who work on it.
As a lover of hard surface models, I particulary liked this cross-sections artbook illustrated by Kemp Remillard.

This large hardcover artbook of 50 pages features some of the spaceships and vehicules present in the movie. Like the previous cross-sections book, the pages are filled by detailed high quality illustrations and close-ups paintings mixed with some sreencaps of the movie.
Every fans of the saga will appreciate the work done that we don’t have time to see on the screen.
It is also interresting to observe how the design evolved since the release of the the first episode (or episode IV, to be precise).

The artworks looks terrifics and Kemp Remillard achieve an massive works with this book. I would recommend this eyecandy to every fans of Star Wars.

DSC_0127 copy

DSC_0128 copy

DSC_0132 copy

DSC_0135 copy

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