Learn Squared – Introduction to environnent concept art – week 01

Concept arts is one of my big weakness, with composition. One of my goal for 2016 is to fix this !

It’s always good to get back to the foundations and keep learning, that is why, I enrolled to Maciej Kuciara‘s environment class. I must say, it’s intense to do all the assignements after a workday. No pain, No gain.

Here are some of my sketches for week 01 :

200216_Ancient_Egypt_persp_01 200216_Ancient_Egypt_persp_02 sketch01 sketch02 copy sketch03 sketch04 copy sketch06 copy sketch07 copy sketch08 sketch09 sketch10

Figure drawing practice



I started to practice figure drawing 30mn, every day, since last november. I enjoy this exercice, it is very different from matte paintings and what I do in my work. This routine ends up to be a very relaxing therapy.
Here is a sample of my most recent draws I did those past 2 weeks.

I am currently focus on reproducing the movements of my figures with a minimal use of lines. Using the side of my pencil to play with the shadows and create some volume and constrats became my favorite technique. I am very curious to see where I can push those techniques with more practice.